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Thursday, 08 January 2015 00:00

Thaw That Icy Grip - Make Your Logo Work for You

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AJS Logo Design ImageFreezing temperatures here in Binghamton, NY aren't the only things trying to hold up progress. I just talked with a successful business owner who said he still doesn't have a solid logo to use for his business. He's always wanted a good logo, but the file of ideas sat in the office and never went anywhere. After one of his employees suggested he should get a professional logo designed, this business owner realized it was time to move forward and not let the undefined logo hold up progress any longer. It's time to proudly show people who they are and build their brand.

Check out this story of another business owner who said, "Yes" to a new logo:

"I opened my Aviation Services business and struggled with a Logo that could be a company brand. I met Amy and after a brief conversation, I knew Amy and her team were up to the task. Now I have a very recognizable logo, that draws attention, and will make people curious to know more. I love to fly, and her team accurately synthesized my previous military experience, my demeanor, and my Steve Canyon fondness into a Logo that represented my company. If you are on the fence of who to hire and why, I will tell you now that you'll be very pleased (beyond expectations)!"

Greg Scheer
Bubba-J Aviation Services, Inc.
U-2 Solo #806

Endicott NY Sky Rides

Considering a logo? Or a new one?
Here's some things to keep in mind during the logo design process:
- How will the logo look blown up? How will it look shrunk down?
  o How easy will it be to read your logo at a glance on a moving vehicle?
  o How will the logo look on a smartphone?
- Could your logo easily be mistaken for something else?
- How easy will it be to print the logo on a shirt?
- How easy will it be to embroider the logo on a shirt or hat?
- How will the logo look in black and white?

Already have a great logo?
I'd love to hear which of these items you've branded, or what unique items you've found to be successful:
- Business cards
- Website
- Social media
- Print material
- Shirts, hats, jackets
- Giveaway items (mugs, pens, etc.)

Check out some fun logos we had the privilege of designing!

Release that icy grip an undefined logo is trying to have on you. Let us help identify a logo you'll be proud to show off. Contact Amy at 607.427.2849 or fill out this form.

Enter our Logo contest where you have the chance to win a free, custom logo design valued at $600. Contest running until Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at 8pm ET.

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Amy J. Stoddard

Amy J Stoddard, Marketing & Design is such an exciting venture for me because it does three things that I believe in and am passionate about. First, it fulfills my passion to develop a team of business professionals who together can provide businesses with a single source for all their business marketing and design needs. Second, it allows me to help other entrepreneurs build their own businesses and fulfill their own dreams, because in the 21st century, if you do not have a web presence, you almost do not exist. Third, by providing jobs and promoting the American ideal of free enterprise and innovation, I am able to honor my Grandpa Stoddard, a WWII Navy veteran, who fought to preserve our way of life.

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