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Tuesday, 07 January 2014 00:00

Excellence – Knowing What It Takes To Get Your Project Off The Ground

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Amy RobHolland ConnectingWithExpertsI love surrounding myself with people who put forth exceptional effort to excel above the norm. When I hear how they developed the desire to become the best and what fueled that passion, their enthusiasm energizes me.

 One area of excellence I’ve always appreciated is flying. At a young age my dad instilled a love of taking to the skies. I’ve enjoyed learning about the various flying machines, learning to fly before I was old enough to get a license, and flying in an open cockpit.

Airshows are one of my favorite events, but especially when I get to personally talk with the pilots. One of my favorite pilots is Rob Holland. Rob is a top-level airshow performer and competition pilot. A couple of Rob’s accomplishments in 2013 were:

  • US National Unlimited Aerobatic Champion.
  • World Freestyle Champion.

Rob talks about how at a young age his father took him to his first airshow. From that point on he was determined to fly in airshows himself and entertain the fans. With very hard work, giving up of everything else, staying focused, and not letting anyone talk him out of it, Rob finally excelled. He is now in top demand at airshows and I’ve had the privilege of meeting him multiple times.

In a world where technology demands instant results, I look to those who have excelled and follow their flight pattern. I challenge myself to excel at the little things each day.

“It’s the things no one sees that produce the results everyone wants.” Craig Groeschel

That’s why I love being an expert in website design. I love paying attention to the details that will make your business excel. Because when I help you get the results you want, my team and I excel.

I’ve heard it said that you become like those you surround yourself with. What steps are you taking to ensure your web design and graphic design projects get off the ground and soar?

Amy J. Stoddard

Amy J Stoddard, Marketing & Design is such an exciting venture for me because it does three things that I believe in and am passionate about. First, it fulfills my passion to develop a team of business professionals who together can provide businesses with a single source for all their business marketing and design needs. Second, it allows me to help other entrepreneurs build their own businesses and fulfill their own dreams, because in the 21st century, if you do not have a web presence, you almost do not exist. Third, by providing jobs and promoting the American ideal of free enterprise and innovation, I am able to honor my Grandpa Stoddard, a WWII Navy veteran, who fought to preserve our way of life.

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