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Thursday, 18 December 2014 00:00

Connecting with Energy Givers - Binghamton and Beyond

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Website Design BinghamtonEver been around someone who always seems to be filled with life? They radiate with energy and enthusiasm. One thing I appreciate about my web design business is the privilege of connecting with business owners and individuals who permeate with great qualities. These connections make my world a better place by infusing energy into my daily work activities. I learn from their challenges and successes, and hopefully give back energy and enthusiasm.

Here's 10 quick tips I've found for making great connections (because the more the merrier!):

1. When I intentionally listen to what others have to offer and what they are looking for, I'm amazed at how quickly I find a solid connection. Several weeks ago while on a trip, I suddenly realized I was in my own little world and not really listening. I snapped out of it and found a wonderful connection that turned into multiple leads without even trying.

2. Be creative, show you sincerely care. I love looking for ways to facilitate introductions. Sometimes it's as simple as shooting out a text, other times it may involve demoing the product/service, or hosting a networking lunch.

3. Let others know what you're looking for. Your key networkers will spread the word. This past weekend one of my networking contacts met a businessman who offered the exact service I was in need of. Let others work for you, while you work for them. Life is built on teamwork.

4. Follow-up immediately on referrals. We all like to be taken seriously. I've found when I act on referrals right away, chances are I'll be awarded the opportunity. Plus, your contact is now seen as a hero, and your newest hero is now thanking you for taking such great care of their connections.

5. Follow through with what you've started. If you've told someone you'd make a connection for them, make it a priority. I've found it's best to avoid making promises I can't keep. Help facilitate connections, but avoid forcing them.

Six. Have Fun! If some networking opportunities seem to fall flat, move on, mix things up. Last week I met with a group of business owners in the Binghamton area that didn't seem to go anywhere. I sure was surprised when one of the business contacts followed up and said they needed custom programming and coding for a website.

7. Make it a way of life. Fit it into your every day conversation. Enjoy getting to know the people around you. Even my grandparents send me leads on website coding and design. All I have to do is stop by, chat about life, and next thing you know, my phone is ringing from their referrals. Allow others to be a part of your success.

8. Exceptional customer service goes a long way in encouraging my clients to spread the word to their connections. Give people something great to talk about. Whenever challenges come up, face them head-on. I've found challenges tend to cause my clients to have more respect and admiration for my company.

9. Be approachable. I call it the "Yes" face. I love being the point person. Looking for something? Even if it's not custom programming or coding for a website, I just might have a connection. Ask away!

10. Be yourself. We can all read right through those who have a "hidden" agenda or are only looking out for their own best interest. Sow good seeds and you'll reap an incredible harvest. After being in the website coding and design business for six (6) years, I can say the return is well worth the effort.

I'm always looking for more great connections! What tips have you found helpful in connecting with others? I'd love to hear them.

Amy J. Stoddard

Amy J Stoddard, Marketing & Design is such an exciting venture for me because it does three things that I believe in and am passionate about. First, it fulfills my passion to develop a team of business professionals who together can provide businesses with a single source for all their business marketing and design needs. Second, it allows me to help other entrepreneurs build their own businesses and fulfill their own dreams, because in the 21st century, if you do not have a web presence, you almost do not exist. Third, by providing jobs and promoting the American ideal of free enterprise and innovation, I am able to honor my Grandpa Stoddard, a WWII Navy veteran, who fought to preserve our way of life.

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